• Learning To Fly (series)

    Janusz Jurek – Graphics for unique interiors.
    Janusz Jurek – Grafiki do wyjątkowych wnętrz.

    Date of creation / Data stworzenia: 2016

    A series of 10 artworks “Learning to fly” refers to the eternal human dream of flying. In the mythologies flying was characteristic of the gods and higher beings. Great desire of Leonardo da Vinci was to develop a machine with which break off at the ground. Technological progress has meant that today everyone can fly. Graphics “Learning to fly” are dedicated mainly for airports. By stress, which naturally accompanies travelers the necessary procedures at the airport we forget that flying is something extraordinary and almost magical. Art in public places may be reminded that. It creates a new quality and even though it is quite the opposite to the advertising space, it perfectly fits visually with it. Poetic tale created with illustration goes with passengers moving down a long corridor. It will be the beginning of a fantasy, completely new experience, unique and unforgettable.
    More about the project: https://www.behance.net/portfolio/editor?project_id=44442357

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